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Get your freak on with our variety of speciality events and workshops. Stay tuned and check back as our workshop and event schedule updates frequently!

March 4th Aerial Sling 6 Week Group In Studio Performance Session

Learn group choreography over the course of six weeks with GREY! In studio performance at the end: we will schedule the performance date as a group the first night of practice, so please bring your calendars! Meets every Wednesday 8:30 pm for 6 weeks, perform in studio as a group. This one should be super fun, super chill 🙂

Only $110. Crazy deal! Monthly Fly Freak members are eligible for $25 discount, talk to Hayley, please thank you!

March 6th Barre Fitness Teacher Training
Learn the essentials to masterfully create and lead a barre fitness class. This will be a 40 hour training that you will provide you with the tools you need to effectively lead a challenging, safe, and inclusive work-out for as many bodies and minds as possible.

Hayley Saccomano will be leading this training. She has led 4 aerial sling teacher trainings at this point with 100% of all trainees who completed requirements found work teaching after Fly Freak training. This will be her first barre teacher training. Hayley has been a barre fanatic for around 5 years now. She has found the therapeutic nature of the work-out to be an exquisite compliment to her yoga and aerial routine. In 2017, Jackie Gladney of the former Dhama Cycle Yoga invited her to train to become a barre instructor. Hayley is also registered to train with the Booty Barre program in December and will be completing two levels of their training. She has instructed barre at DharmaCycle Yoga, Barre Bliss, and now Fly Freak since 2017 and it has been a sweaty, shaky good time since. #barresohardthatshakecray
Hayleys training began in 2012 with a 200-hour Vinyasa Teacher training in Berkeley/San Francisco with Yoga to the People. She then journeyed to Mysore, India to deepen her scope. There she received a 300-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training certificate with Yoga Darshanam. While in India, she stayed and studied Ashtanga briefly with Saraswathi Jois and MasterJi. She later journeyed to Mexico to study Power Yoga (40 Hour TT) with The Bad Boy of Yoga, Bryan Kest. In 2015, she trained for 40 hours to be an Aerial Yoga Teacher with Galaxy Lifestyle in San Diego.

This training will meet:
Friday, March 6th 7:15 – 10:15 pm
Saturday, March 7th 3 – 9:30 pm
Friday, March 13th 7:15 – 10:15 pm
Saturday, March 14th 3 – 9:30 pm

March 14th 3 Week Beginner Series

This is for those wanting to learn and master the basics of aerial sling to ground themselves with confidence entering any aerial yoga or aerial fitness class afterward!

Led by Bri Beltran.

Only $45 for 3 sessions!

March 14th Intermediate Sling Workshop

Learn new aerial sequences and maybe a couple new tricks and transitions in this 75 minute burner. We will break down and master tricks such as: Georgia Twist, Kickstand variations, Halleys Comet, Corset variations, amongst others. These are tricks that lead into more advanced movements so this workshop will be helpful to intermediate students as well as advanced students looking to polish further!

Ideally, students will have taken at least 7 classes prior to signing up for this!

$30, Grey is leading this one. Holla!

March 15th 7 Week Aerial Sling Performance Session

Set to debut on May 3rd, 5-7 pm. Performance is not required to do the session.

Presenting our seven week session to learn and/or create a short sling performance piece with an option to perform as a solo or duet. OR join in on our first time ever group contortion performance session!

Cade Holmseth will be leading Tuesdays 6:45-7:35 pm and Hayley Saccomano and Marissa Dorschner will be leading every Sunday 3-3:50 pm. Choose either session as your main time, but feel free to drop in to either or Cade or Hayley and Marissas class session to make up time if you need to miss a week or two!

The session begins the week of March 15th.

The price this time around includes a 1 hour private lesson with the instructor of your choice as well as professional photos of performance!

If anyone wants to join more than one session – talk to Hayley for a $60 discount on your second session. Current monthly members are also eligible for a $30 discount per session.

Thank you so very much for your support of this small business.

March 16th 7 Week Contortion Performance Session

BENDINESS NOT REQUIRED! Dani Winks will be offering some more innovative magic for you to challenge yourself with! This session will meet Mondays 8 pm.

In this session, you will have the OPTION to learn a solo piece, partner piece, OR a group piece (if there is enough interest). Open to ALL levels. Dani is very adept at creating an inclusive and chill environment for all. Definitely check this one out!!

Performance happening at Can Can Wonderland May 3rd, 5-7 pm! Performance is absolutely not required to join in on the session! But one thing’s for sure you will ABSOLUTELY be bendier by the end of the session if you dedicate yourself!

March 21st 3-4:30pm Video Shoot
Join us and create your very own 60 second aerial clip with the one and only Cyril James Films!

This will be our first ever video shoot at FF, don’t miss out! You may have seen Cyril working with other aerialists in the community on aerial films already – so you know this is going to be good. His experience and skillful eye combined should deliver some super sweet videos!!

Each person will get 20 minutes to run through their prepared piece or to free flow. He will edit afterward.

$125/person for this one. Super limited space.

Afterward, there will be an optional group shoot, as well.

April 4th 4-5:30pm Hammock Sequences Workshop

Learn a couple brand new sequences! Particularly excellent workshop for those looking to build their toolkit for ambient aerial performances with fabulous, style-able sequences. Lots of this will be on the more advanced side of things. Led by Hayley Saccomano.

Get your freak on:)

April 10th 7:15pm-8:15pm Straddle Up! Improve Your Invert

Instructor: Marissa Anne

Workshop Description: Whether you are just beginning your journey with going upside down or you are in hot pursuit of that straight leg straddle up, this workshop will offer techniques and progressions to improve that invert! We will learn drills and exercises and work on inverts from starting on the floor and from on the sling. This workshop is for all levels, and the skills learned will transfer to other aerial apparatuses as well!

Pre-requisite: Familiarity with basic back straddle in the sling

Length: 60 minutes

Cost: $35

May 3rd 5-7pm Fly Freak Student Showcase

NO THEME! This showcase is totally OPEN to any and all day dreams of our fabulously wonderful commUNITY! Join us for what is sure to be a wildly fun and varied student showcase! Going up at Can Can Wonderland!!

May 8th Fly Freak Aerial Fitness 60 Hour Teacher Training

This will be the most intensive Fly Freak training to do date. Meeting every second weekend, May – July.

Training includes 40 in-class hours and access to free classes at Fly Freak throughout the duration of the training. Training will cover sling safety, aerial yoga/sling vocabulary, experience teaching real students, rigging with Cade Holmseth, instructing tips, sequencing tips, general anatomy. You will finish the training with at least one unique class sequence that trainees develop individually and practice to begin teaching. Trainees will also be required to attend 15 aerial fitness classes and write short analyses about their experience. Trainees who complete all requirements of the program will receive a 50 hour Certificate of Completion!

Lead Instructor Trainer Hayley Saccomano’s bio: Hayley has trained for 580 hours in yoga teacher training mainly in California and India. She is also barre fitness certified. Hayley has been teaching yoga for five and a half years and aerial fitness for over 3 years now. She has trained aerial yoga instructors all over the world. This will be her fifth aerial sling teacher training she has led!

Lead Rigging Trainer Cade Holmseths bio:
Cade Holmseth LMT, BCMT, grew up in Minnesota and received degrees in both Dance and massage.

Starting in 2004, he has indulged a passion for the aerial circus arts such as tissu and lyra but has expanded over the years to include several other skills such as aerial chains, corde lisse, fire breathing/spinning, trapeze, to name a few. Among his topics of training, his interests in safety have led him to pursue training with Bret Copes, American Circus Educators (ACE), arborists, and others.

For any questions or more info to register today, please DM or email

Get your freak on.

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