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Aerial Yoga for Sciatica Pain

Sciatica pain. Yuck. So many people have learned to accept sciatica as a side effect of working it too hard, not stretching enough, aging, the list goes on. However, as many yogi/nis know to be true, aging is a choice.

Inversions for Spinal Health

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All of the classes we offer here in the Midway neighborhood of St. Paul can help to strengthen, elongate, and improve the health of the spine. Hanging upside down on a regular basis can and will improve lower back issues. Students with a history of slipped discs, scoliosis, sciatica have shared their positive experience with aerial sling all saying that their symptoms subsided and in most cases, completely disappeared with a regular aerial practice.

The aerial sling offers a gentle, safe, therapeutic way to successfully allow the spine and surrounding tendons and ligaments to stretch. Going upside down frequently, such as in the aerial sling, also has the potential to improve joint pain and arthritic symptoms throughout the body.

Adding in some land yoga to your weekly practice can help bring total spinal balance by moving the spine all five directions to maintain limberness and flexibility. Barre fitness can help improve strength, endurance, and muscle tone to prevent injury and improve posture safely with a low-injury risk.

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See how good your spine can feel with a little consistent TLC. Come visit us just upstairs of Can Can Wonderland and just across the hall from Blackstack Brewing, Twin Citians.