Zoom Classes

Zoom Classes

Join us for our regular zoom classes! Classes will be mindful of using minimal space and instructed without accessories. We are going to try a donation-based, sliding scale method to start. $5 minimum.

What to Expect

1. Book your class through the @Mindbody app and/or flyfreakstudio.com.

2. You will receive an emailed confirmation of your class and a reminder email prior to class. Both of these emails will have the Zoom info in them. IF YOU ARE NOT RECEIVING EMAILS: please contact hayley@flyfreakstudio.com to notify ASAP for an easy fix.

3. Log into class via the zoom info and enjoy 🙂

4. Come back for more 😉

Zoom Class Offerings


This is a total body, land-based workout blending ballet, Pilates, and yoga that is made for working out in small spaces! BENEFITS: Low injury risk, therapeutic highly effective workout that increases stamina and endurance. Improves strength and flexibility. Plus like, it's fun and stuff.</p> <p>Barre equipment description: no equipment is necessary, although you may wish to use a chair, wall, or similar to help with balance when doing some of the more technical standing exercises.

Flexibility Training

Learn to use and build your strength to deepen your flexibility beyond your wildest imagination! If you're looking to level up on the bend, these classes WILL get you there! All from the comfort of your own living room!


Class is modified based on the needs of the participants practicing during that class. Yoga poses are seen as prescriptive for the individual here, nothing is required. Benefits: ground down, take some deep breaths.

Arms + Core

This class will be geared for aerialists (primarily focusing on arms and core) but also completely doable for non-aerialists who just want to exercise. All levels. No equipment required.</p> <p>Get your work-out in in a jiffy. Only a half hour long but highly effective. Challenging and safe for beginners and advanced students alike. Strengthen all parts of your middle using barre-inspired exercises. BENEFITS: strong core muscles for better posture and a better mood.

Full Body Active Flexibility

This land-based class will use a combination of static and active stretches and mobility drills to increase range of motion and strength. Suitable for all levels, is great after another workout or on its own.

Active Leg Flexibility

Open up! Work those gams to build the strength needed for massively stretchy legs! This will be a combination of conditioning, active flexibility drills, and cool-down stretching. Yum.

AfroBeatz Fitness

We will be Incorporating modern and traditional West African dance styles to create invigorating routines. The music and movements makes it an exciting party-like fitness session. The beat keeps us moving. Perfect for participants who want an energizing fun way to be fit and active. The only obligation is to have a good time. (All<br /> levels welcome).

Land Freak Dance

Contemporary, jazz, and character dance for all!

Strength and Flexibility Handstands

Have you always wanted to try handstands? Looking to progress your current handstands? In this class we will focus on building strength and active flexibility for handstands and headstands. We will work on building strength in the handstand line and work on active flexibility in compression. This class is for all levels! Whether you've never done a handstand or are trying to get your straddle press. There is something for everyone!<br /> Equipment Needed: Yourself and a bit of space<br /> Optional: a bit of wall/a dining room chair, yoga blocks, and small weights or a water bottle.


Handstands! In this 75 minute class, we will focus on learning the correct form for a straight handstand as well as gain strength and flexibility needed for more advanced training. The progressions and drills are for beginners through advanced students alike. We will talk about proper alignment, hand placement, and body/mind connection while upside down. All levels are welcome, no experience necessary! Equipment or space needed: a bit of wall space, even a door, and a kitchen chair or desk chair.

Yinstorative Yoga

Gentle, slow, stretchy yoga poses to open up and practice breathing.

Intro to Contortion

No experience required! Begin your deep stretching journey or simply maintain your consistency working the foundations! Work beginner contortion tricks, such as: leg scales, bridges and cobra poses!

How to Sign Up

Sign up as usual for class via this site or the Mindbody app! We will send you the zoom info for online classes 10 minutes before class via email.

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Zoom Class Pricing

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  • Per Class
Zoom 5 Class Pack
  • $14/per class
Zoom 10 Class Pack
  • $13/per class
Zoom 15 Class Pack
  • $12/per class
Zoom 20 Class Pack
  • $11/per class
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