Fly Freak Land Classes, Be Freaky With Your Feet on the Ground

Land Classes

Come see us and feel free to keep your feet on the ground! In our land classes we will let that freak flag fly from the ground!

All land classes are open and welcome to all levels of fitness, experience, body types, moods, freaks, normies, and anyone else out there really.


A yoga class designed just for the freaks of the land of lakes. Here at FFY, we believe that yoga is for anyone who can breathe. A challenging Hatha-Vinyasa flow for all levels, no expectations, no pressure. All bodies welcome. BENEFITS: Total body balance, a big grin on your face for the rest of the day, and of course that #yogaglow.

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Yinstorative Yoga

Slow, gentle, loving, restorative yoga practice. Your doctor wants you here. BENEFITS: Improved mobility and relaxation.

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This is a total body, land-based workout blending ballet, Pilates, and yoga to carve muscles targeting slow twitch muscle fibers. Classes may incorporate any variety of the following apparatuses in class: ballet barre, light weights, foam rollers, bands, ball, gliders. BENEFITS: low injury risk, therapeutic workout that is amazing for core strength. Plus like, it's fun and stuff.

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Barre Core

Get your work-out in in a jiffy. Only a half hour long but highly effective. Challenging and safe for beginners and advanced students alike. Strengthen your abs, obliques, and low back using barre-inspired exercises. BENEFITS: A strong core tends to lead to a healthier, more supported spine.

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Yoga is not about tightening your ass. It’s about getting your head out of it.

Eric Paskel