January 25, 2020

Why barre is the best work-out available for safely building stamina

by Hayley Saccomano in Blog

Barre is a blend of ballet, pilates, and yoga. The workout traditionally utilizes small movements to increase endurance in a big way. By moving the body in slow, small, precise movements, this is a wonderful work-out for those looking to increase energy, muscle, and stamina in a safe way. In class, we focus on stabilizing the full body, not just the limb(s) moving. We also focus on working the body in a balanced way; when working one muscle, we always work the opposite to ensure balance. So, if you are working your triceps hard, expect to also hit the biceps. This offers a safer and more complete workout that will not only help protect against injury, it has also been effective to help rebuild strength after an injury.Did you know Michael Phelps trained barre for the 2016 Olympics as part of his training regimen? Barres effectiveness combined with the low-injury risk, make for an outstanding work-out that is truly recommended by top movement experts.

Who is Barre for?

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This would be an outstanding work-out for literally any level of fitness. The class is challenging to any level of student while focusing heavily on breath, body awareness, and listening to the body. Barre is also immensely compatible with those who have arthritis, are recovering from an injury, or taken time off from working out. Even if it’s been years.

Give Barre a Try

Try us out. Meet us at the barre and see what this work-out can do for you. It’s been a life changing experience mentally, physically, and emotionally for so many in the Twin Cities already! We’d love to show you the safest and most real way to get your full body freak on in St. Paul, MN!

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