January 9, 2019

Benefits of Aerial Yoga

by Hayley Saccomano in Blog

Yoga in the air. Say, what? Turning your entire body upside down while hanging from a piece of fabric from the ceiling is definitely gaining popularity. Lots of ways to do it. However, one of the most popular waves of it that is drawing celebrities and athletes across the world to give it a try is, aerial yoga. Folx are drawn to this relaxing and refreshing activity for a multitude of reasons. Here are a few I have collected in my years of sharing aerial yoga as a practice.

  1. Well, I mean it’s fun. Trying something new, proving to yourself that this new activity is possible, seems to bring on a lot of smiles for a lot of people. One thing I love about sharing aerial yoga is the sheer joy folx display after going upside down for the first time. It’s a whole new way to look at things.
  2. It boosts serotonin in the brain. This alone bring about a host of potential healing benefits depending on the person. Possible benefits include: improved sleep quality, improve symptoms of depression and anxiety.
  3. Hanging upside down can also potentially improve sleep by stimulating the lactic acid to flow out of the legs into the bloodstream and refresh the bloodstream. Very effective for those with knee jerk symptoms falling asleep at night.
  4. Inverting with consistency over time may also improve joint health by decompressing joints and also strengthening ligaments and tendons by giving your joints the opportunity to try gravity in a new direction. I have met multiple folx.
  5. This of course leads us to spinal health. While may report spinal improvement including better posture, often within a couple weeks of beginning a consistent aerial yoga practice, many specifically report improvement in the low back region. The lumbar spine, i.e. the lower spine, is the #1 spot for back pain in the United States. Frequent aerial yoga allows the vertebra to release the daily compression and improve the surrounding ligaments for overall less pain and more mobility.
  6. Improve grip strength.
  7. Improve flexibility and mobility by moving your body in new and important ways.
  8. Improve strength. This is a full-body practice.
  9. Improve focus and stimulate your brain by trying something new.
  10. Improve listening skills.
  11. Improve balance by practicing one legged positions in a safe space with the support and/or boosted challenge of hammock/sling.
  12. Improve digestion. Going upside down reduces bloat by sending air upwards with gravity. Thusly, going upside down helps improve digestion speed.
  13. Anti-aging, this is why many celebrities are now seeking out this practice. The natural blood flow to face offers a glow that many work-outs, and even facials, just cannot.
  14. The hammock massages and squeezes various parts of the body for improved blood flow throughout.
  15. Excellent for those who get bored at the gym and are seeking general benefits of a movement practice. This stuff will keep your attention, and even better, it’s effective.

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