Fly Freak Aerial Classes

Aerial Classes

Come fly with us! In our aerial classes we will spend time decompressing the spine, learning sequences, and breaking a sweat! Let that freak flag fly!

Please Read Before Signing up for Classes: Everyone must take at least one Fly Freak Beginners class before moving onto any of the other classes. Sign up for classes in order of difficulty. Do not sign up for advanced classes before becoming comfortable in intermediate classes, etc.

Fly Freak Beginners

This flight-based class designed for beginners is perfect for those interested in learning to fly sling. This class will cover basic knowledge of the sling and give you experience in the sling as well as being upside down. This class is ideal to help you navigate our other aerial classes with ease, awareness, and safety. BENEFITS: learn sling safely, improve mood, decrease anxiety and depression by going upside down, improves spinal health, and is just an all around good time.

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Fly Freak Tricks

Let's get tricky in this advanced class. Channel your inner ballerina (or ballerino) mid-air. Learn new tricks and practice piecing them together to flow through the air. BENEFITS: lots of upper body strengthening and total body stretching.

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Fly Freak Fitness

This intermediate class is a total body work out using the sling to sculpt long, lean muscles for mobility. Prepare to fly. BENEFITS: more confidence in your bodies capabilities as you develop your muscles and your flight wings.

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Fly Freak Dance

Let's get freaky in this intermediate class. Get ready to pop, lock, and drop it so hard. Expect smaller climbs in this class as well as lots of stretching and core conditioning through learning fun, smaller pieces of choreography. BENEFITS: some say that dancing (and singing!) every day, one can become an even better friend. Be yourself and let your life rhythm shine here.

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Fly Freak Core

Get a freakishly chiseled waistline in this quick 30-minute sling sesh. BENEFITS: SUPER SEXY ABS.

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Aerial Yoga

This class is excellent for all levels of skill. Please have taken at least one beginners aerial class before attending. Benefits: total body balance, leave feeling like you just got a massage, a good stretch, and an effective facial.

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